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X. Hirano is not your average author. Having a strong background in Finance (Master of Finance) and Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration) as well as 17 years of experience in both conventional and tech-oriented financial institutions, X. Hirano is the cryptocurrency expert you have been looking for.

What makes X. Hirano an expert? Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement has led X. Hirano to research, build, and manage a personal portfolio of 40+ cryptocurrencies. She has developed a formidable skillset that includes financial and statistical analysis, market research, and business intelligence.

In many ways, X. Hirano represents both sides of the bit-coin. She has a concrete knowledge of conventional finance while keeping her ears to the ground for all breakthroughs regarding cryptocurrencies.

When she is not typing on her precious laptop, X. Hirano can be found walking Block, her beloved dog, watching 1950’s noir mystery movies or listening to 1970’s Japanese jazz music.

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