About Us

CryptoBridge Zon – Let’s Bridge The Cryptocurrency Gap Together!

Bitcoin was the first revolution. Other cryptocurrencies followed. The global financial map changed forever and we entered the era of blockchain and Crypto-finance.

After almost a decade, Bitcoin has become a part of our lives and cryptocurrencies have started to influence mainstream fashion. That’s exactly the moment in history when CryptoBridge Zon was born.

Who We Are: Founded by X. Hirano, a pioneering Cryptocurrency expert, CryptoBridge is a team of finance geeks, gadget nerds, and fashionistas. Our diverse backgrounds help us design and create modern, trendy, and refreshing cryptocurrency-themed and bitcoin-inspired products for every bitcoin fan out there.

Why Choose Us? Our mission is simple. Offer you an eye-catching way to display your belief in a financial system that empowers anonymity and advances the conventional finance markets.

Who said that cryptocurrency-inspired gadgets and apparel has to be boring? We have added a pinch of vivid colors, a dash of thinking outside-the-box, and a generous handful of creativity in order to create a collection of products that will make your friends go “WOW! Where did you get that from?”

What’s The Future Like For CryptoBridge Zon? Given the chance, we plan on continuously expanding our collection to incorporate cutting-edge designs, technologies, and new trends. Inspired by our founders, X. Hirano’s energy, we will keep on bringing new products that will take your breath away.